Motherboard @ Vice: Why Ellen Pao's Gender Discrimination Suit Matters


“Having this go through a public trial is important because not only do all of us get to bear witness, but it also becomes a cultural record. There is permanence and recognition attached to this because it is not transpiring in a murky fashion, behind closed doors, trapped between files and folders of negotiating lawyers,” explained Saadia Muzaffar, the founder of TechGirls Canada, an organization that encourages girls to pursue careers in tech. 

“But the fact that in 2015—after so much public outcry from women and people of color about harassment, discrimination, power and abuse—we still look to a court trial as the only yardstick to provide legitimacy to the lived experience of millions is downright shameful,” she said.

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Having a public record of the problems at KPCB will bolster discussions about ensuring equal treatment as the tech industry continues to boom. But, as Muzaffar pointed out, it's a bittersweet addition to the conversation.

"Yes, we need this," she told me. "But what a pity that we need it as badly as we do, given we are fully one half of humankind."

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