Diversity in Tech - Radio Segment & Podcast (American Public Media & NPR)

I found this radio segment interesting because it highlights a sense of pervasive disbelief about how diversity issues are being talked about in mainstream media.

Host Ben Johnson's question about naming benefits of diversity is one that many sector leaders ask too, but more so in a way that undermines it.

Diversity is good precisely because it DOESN'T bring a specific, quantitative, & limited value set with it. What it does is challenge assumptions.

Diversity forces innovation to snap out of becoming a claustrophobic, self-affirming, classist idea machine.

It seeds continuous improvement.

Diversity is meant to make everyone uncomfortable with complacency, with being yes-men, with being presumptuous & therefore myopic.

Diversity *delivers* on the promise everyone in tech sector is duping themselves into believing they're keeping:

Building Better Solutions.