3 Traits for Women's Success in Business

1) Take more chances to give serendipity an opportunity to strike:

Say hello to more people without agonizing over whether it would be conceived as a come on. Don't over-analyze. Connect people to others. Be generous.

2) Speak our minds, though kindly:

Kindness is important. You will never regret tempering something harsh. Snark is lazy. Be fair, be firm, but be compassionate. Especially about other women. Yes, because its sisterhood. Yes, because it's sacred.

3) Not be afraid to dream BIG:

If you shoot for the stars and fail, you will still probably land farther than you would've had you played it safe. Take that chance. Raise your hand. Walk through that fear. Abandon busy work. Question the meaning of what you do every day. Look hard. Keep looking. Then don't hold yourself back when you find that chance to shine.

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