Salute to Our Champions


I owe you a great debt of gratitude for coaxing me out of the shadows and into the light of what I was capable of doing. I owe you for making me see that not everything needs to be figured out a 100% - that taking chances is an amazing thing.

I love you for being so open and so honest about the mistakes that you said you'd made and ensuring that no one else made those same mistakes. Admitting to that vulnerability takes insane courage.  

Your loud rambunctious laughter made many dire situations bearable.

But most memorably, your spirit for championing others remains a cornerstone of what everyone mentions about you.  You taught many the value of being a true advocate.

Your dogged determination to beat cancer is, and will remain, an inspiration to me every day.

You'll be missed. So very much.


Until we hit a day like today where we find out a good friend and mentor succumbed to cancer at an age when most people just begin to start enjoying life post mortgage, kids' tuition, and grunt work; we don't really articulate what our champions mean to us.

This note is a small, small reminder of saying thank-you to your champions, whoever they are, wherever in life. Pick up that phone and make a call to just say thanks. Type up that e-mail and put into finite words your infinite gratitude. This is your moment to acknowledge the giants on whose shoulders you've stood.